Use a Professional Real Estate Agent

Challenging Times Demand Extraordinary Professionals. Never has it been so critical for a real estate transaction to be guided by a licensed agent with accurate information, legal strategies, and evolving methods for buying and selling. Pennsylvania residential real estate transactions that were executed on or prior to March 18th are permitted to continue the process, yet Agreements signed on or after March 19th are still under restrictions which prohibit most from moving forward. In Pennsylvania, inspections, in-person appraisals, and in-person title work are all restricted at this time. These common processes and other less common contingencies can resume when this passes. Yet because these restrictions are not in place throughout the country, Pennsylvania real estate Buyers and Sellers find themselves in a very challenging position. Most other states are safely moving forward with real estate agreements including New York, Texas, and California.*  Therefore, if a Buyer or Seller is coming from or going to a different state, there are inconsistencies that create stressful obstacles. A calm, knowledgable real estate agent should be able to navigate these problems. We're problem solvers by our career choice.  It's what we train for (and at KBB, we are increasing training during this time).  We understand how unique each situation is and with that in mind, we problem solve with positive, ambitious, and compassionate attitudes to lead the agreement to a closing in the future. No one has all the answers right now. What we do have though, is an absolute focus on you, our clients and our community. We committed on Day 1 to be part of the solution that limits the damage COVID19 could do.  That commitment hasn't wavered. We're here to help so let us know what you need.

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