Changing the Ending

The Stay-at-Home Order by Pennsylvania Governor Wolf has been extended to May 8th. Now that we've adjusted to the initial shock, we need to embrace positive strategies and discerning plans.  Some decisions will be heart-wrenching for small business. Most small businesses are devoted to their clients and employees alike.  Both are treasured.  As this Order is extended, difficult decisions will need to be made.  Here, let's add a positive word or two so we can inspire and encourage the business community as a whole. I'll start and hope that you add to this post by commenting below. Inner strength is indispensable.  It makes the bad times tolerable. It keeps you calm amid chaos and confusion.   I plan to continue to remind people, the most WONDERFUL colleagues, that there is most definitely a light at the end of the tunnel. The other side of this tunnel is NOT going to be the same as when we started.  Like the picture below, we may have come in one door, but we're going out another. Yet, it doesn't have to be dismal.  There's no changing the beginning of this pandemic, there's only a chance to change the ending.  What are your plans?

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